10 Pressure Washing Tips

pressure washing tips

Most people do not realize the fact that pressure washing can be extremely dangerous, especially if there have never used the equipment before. In fact, the pressure washer can cause punctures, bruises, and skin lacerations. This is why it is crucial that you are carefuls. It can even cause significant eye damage including blindness. To help you stay safe, here are the top pressure washing tips that you need to know. 

1. Read the Manual before Operating the Pressure Washing Machine

One of the most important pressure washing tips that you need to consider is reading the manual before you operate the machine. It is the only way that you can familiarize yourself with the machine and protect yourself. Make sure to go through the entire manual so that you do not miss out on anything. Learning how the pressure washer works will not only prevent injury but also enable you to take complete advantage of it. Go through all the safety precautions mentioned in the manual to avoid any mistakes.

2. Use the Right Nozzle, Flow Rate, and Hose Diameter

The next tip that you must keep in mind is to use the right nozzle, flow rate, and hose diameter. The manual will help you pick out the proper items. There is no need for you to use anything fancy. Instead, you should stick to what has been stated in the manual. It is the only way that you can avoid causing any harm. Otherwise, the pressure washer could easily malfunction and you could end up getting injured. 

3. Keep a Safe Distance

Before you start spraying water onto a surface, you must make sure that you maintain a safe distance. Start from a distance that is far from the surface to work out the optimal distance. It will help provide the best results while ensuring that you remain safe. You have to make sure that the spray does not hit the surface and hit you. Therefore, you have to consider this pressure washing tip. If you fail to do so, you could get hurt or even damage the surface. You can go through the manual to ensure that you know how much distance you need to maintain.

4. Wear the Right Clothing When Pressure Washing

In order to ensure that you do not get hurt, you have to dress the part. Wear the right clothing such as long sleeve shirts and heavy-duty pants. Make sure to also wear eye protection as you do not want your eyes to get injured. By wearing the proper clothing, you get to protect yourself. Now, you can turn to the manual to guide you about what type of clothing you should put on. The more precautious you are the better as you never know what could go wrong. You could easily make a mistake. Hence, it makes sense to wear the right clothes.

5. Stay Grounded

If there is one thing that you cannot afford to overlook, it is to stay grounded. You should not use a pressure washer unless standing properly on the ground. Avoid using a pressure washer while on the roof or a ladder. The pressure could cause you to fall off. Staying grounded is necessary when using the pressure washer. You do not want to get hurt. Make sure that you stand firm to avoid tripping as the pressure is not easy to deal with.

6. Maintain Correct Pressure

Staying grounded is just not enough. This is why you also have to maintain the right pressure. When pressure washing concrete, a PSI rating of 3,000 is recommended. On the other hand, you need to change the PSI rating to 500 when washing softwood. 

As for hardwood, you will have to switch to 1,200 PSI. It will ensure that you do not damage the surface. The fact is that every surface is different and requires a different setting. You can go through the manual to learn more about the exact pressure needed by each surface.

7. Check the Safety Features

In addition to the above, it is advised that you also check the safety features. The pressure washer would come with built-in safety features. You will have to check the features from time to time to make sure that they work properly. As these features are extremely important for preventing the pressure or temperature from reaching an alarming level, you have to keep an eye on them. Otherwise, you could end up in a difficult situation. 

8. Use the Correct Cleaning Chemicals

When you read the pressure washer manual, you would also get to find out more about the detergents that you can use. Make sure that you stick to the detergents that have been mentioned. Avoid using any other detergents as they could cause trouble. You also have to use the right detergent for each surface. Avoid using high pressure when spraying the roof as it would damage the shingles. Since the roof is very sensitive, it would require a roof treatment.

9. Be Extra Careful with a Gas Unit

If you decide to use a gas pressure washer, you must keep in mind that it is only designed to be used outside. You cannot use it inside as it would cause significant damage. Besides this, you also have to stay away from flammable objects and check the washer to ensure that there are no gas leaks. Generally, a gas unit should only be used by an expert.

10. Avoid Electrical Hazards

Outdoor fixtures, telephone junction boxes, circuit boxes, and power lines can easily cause an electrical hazard. This is why you need to stay away from them when pressure washing. If the pressure washer damages any of these, you would need to immediately contact a handyman to help you out. Otherwise, the situation could only escalate and get even worse. 

Pressure Washing Conclusion

Once you have gone over the post, you will know the top 10 pressure washing tips. It is extremely important that you follow the tips we have mentioned to stay on the safe side. For a stress-free experience, you should hire Eternal Pressure Washing as we will take care of all your needs and provide excellent results.

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