Power washing involves the use of high pressure water for cleaning surfaces. It helps get rid of dirt stains, gum, and mold from the concrete and ensures that different surfaces retain their vibrant color. When you get your property power washed, you get to eliminate mildew, pollution, and other signs of aging. It is due to this reason that power washing has become incredibly popular throughout the country. Power washing provides outstanding results and elevates the look and feel of your property. As it is dangerous to power wash on your own, you should hire an expert. 

Generally, an annual power wash should be enough. However, it is crucial that you keep an eye on your property to make sure that you get it power washed on time. The materials you plan on cleaning also influence how often a power wash would be suggested. Even if it has not been a year since you got your property power washed, it is important that you get a professional to inspect your home if it starts to look worn out. It is the only way that you can protect your property from the elements.

Although you might think that a power wash makes for a great do-it-yourself project, it can be very dangerous to power wash a property on your own. This is why it is best that you leave the work to an expert. Since you are unlikely to know how to operate the equipment, it is in your best interests to turn to a professional service provider that has extensive experience. You must keep in mind that if you try to power wash the property, you could cause significant damage and even hurt yourself. 

GPM and PSI are two terms that are associated with power washing and pressure washing. Chances are that you might have heard of the terms. GPM stands for gallons per minute, whereas, PSI refers to pounds per square inch. The former flushes contaminants from the surface, while PSI forces the contaminants off of the surface. Depending on your requirements, you might prefer more GPM or more PSI. A professional will help put things into perspective so that you know what to expect. The terms are widely used to refer to the performance of the machines that are used to provide the service. 

If you perform a high pressure wash on your own, it could potentially damage your property. However, this is not the case when you opt for a professional service provider such as Eternal Pressure Washing. We know how to utilize pressure washing equipment to provide the best results. You will be amazed by what we can do for you. Our team of technicians would examine the surface type and its condition to ensure that the right amount of water pressure is applied. 

Most people tend to confuse a pressure wash and a power wash. It is easy to think that both the methods are similar since their process is not that different. However, what makes the two methods differ is the fact that power washing makes use of heated water. On the other hand, pressure washing does not use heated water. Hence, a power wash is a much better option for cleaning certain surfaces. The technicians should be able to determine which service you should consider.

When it comes to a power wash, it is crucial that you understand that every job is unique. This is why it is difficult to claim that a power wash takes a certain amount of time. You should also keep in mind that there are various factors that determine the time required for a power wash such as the amount of buildup and the area that you want to get cleaned. However, you have nothing to worry about as Eternal Pressure Washing will get the job done in the least amount of time while ensuring that you benefit from the best results.

The price of a power wash is calculated after considering several factors such as job materials used, the scope of the service, and the square footage. It is due to this reason that a specific amount cannot be quoted. But, you can reach out to the team at Eternal Pressure Washing to determine the cost of the service. We would be more than delighted to explain everything to you so that you stay in the know. It is important that you have a flexible budget to ensure that you get the best outcome.

Yes, a power wash can help you fetch a higher price for your property in the real estate market. In fact, a power wash from an experienced power wash company can help increase the sales price of your property by as much as $15,000. Hence, you should consider the service to be an investment. This is why most real estate agents recommend their clients to seek a power wash. Whether you plan on selling your property or not, it is always good to know that you can get more money.

If you want to get your roof cleaned, a power wash would not be recommended as the roof tends to be a lot more sensitive. It is due to this reason that you require a roof treatment. It involves the use of a specialized algaecide that eliminates black streaks, lichens, and moss. A very low pressure is used by our technicians to make sure that there is no damage to the structure of your roof. We go out of our way to provide outstanding results. With a roof treatment, you can extend the life of your roof.